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Mario Villafan


Our website is designed to add value to you as a buyer, seller, or real estate investor and my 18 year experience in the real estate industry is designed to give you results that are best for you. I started my real estate career in the San Francisco Bay Area where I owned a real estate franchise and eventually branched out independently knowing that real estate is a personal business and not a name business. Although I am independent, I still partake in the bigger picture sharing and networking with over 12,000+/- real estate agents in our region. The real estate industry has and continues to evolve allowing more service options to the general public and this is where the 80%/20% rule comes into play when you choose to work with my team. You may be able to navigate the 80% process of buying, selling, investing, in real estate on your own, however, the 20% remaining process is the specialized knowledge that we bring to the table and this is what allows you to get to the end goal of buying, selling, or investing.

Call me with your questions or particular situation whereby, you are interested in buying, selling or investing in real estate and together we will find a solution that is best for you!